Nepal License All in One

Nepal License All in One is an information based app and website. It contains all the information regarding driving license. It is my first live project.

Technical Detail

Front End : Bootstrap
Back End : Core PHP
CMS (Blogging Only) : WordPress


Website :
Android App : PlayStore
Facebook Page :

Unique Feature

  • View license data using Applicant ID which is not available in DOTM also
  • Other minor features are mentioned in app and website

Story Behind This

This project was started in 2017 when I applied for driving license. There were so many apps at that time related to driving license (around 10 ). But the complete information was still missing. So I choose one most download app and used it’s content to make new app. And I didn’t code a single line to make that app (made using online platform thunkable). And I uploaded it on PlayStore. At 1st month I only used to get 5-10 download per day. Then I started promoting it by commenting in DOTM facebook page. And I started getting download and good reviews. After 6-7 months, my app was listed in Play Store Top 10 education app and 1st in driving license category. And one day I got message from the developer in my facebook page, and he was the same developer which content has been used in my app. Message was about copyright issue and revenue loss. So I was totally unaware about such thing and I just removed it from PlayStore.

After 1 year my friends suggested me to re-make that app and also build website for it. And as a team we decided to develop website first and completed it. After that we had to develop android app and I don’t have much experience using android studio. So I decided using online platform and I got Kodular which was capable of doing what i am planning. And android app was made and published on PlayStore.

And now again it is able to achieve same position in PlayStore as top education app. It’s version greater than 2.0 is only available above Android Version 5, so it affected in our top listing, but I am okay with it because my main priority is quality content. And no full screen ads and useless ads are shown but in fact it is highly customized to show targeted ads considering Digital Marketing Trend, and can be controlled from Web API easily.

Website is also re-designed and also new system is developed. Now people can create their account and hire agent to do there works and system are made simple according to the agent requirement for ease of use. Many agent are using this website to do their work. My main motive is to bring all the user and form filling agent at one place.

Team Member

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