Free Website for Life Time in Nepal

You can easily make your own website at 0 cost with free domain (ccTLD) and free hosting. For this we will be using 3 services:

Lets start

  1. Create account in all the above 3 services
  2. In register new .np domain and domain name should familiar with your government issued id name and you have to provide clear front and back photo of government issued id (citizenship, driving license, passport) anyone will work fine
  3. You will asked to enter basic personal detail and nameserver
  4. For nameserver you have to login in cloudflare and add new domain and you will get new cloudflare name server and add those new cloudflare nameserver in nameserver field
  5. Now you have successfully linked your domain with cloudflare and it will take upto 24 hrs for new domain registration.
  6. Now create new public repository with your username in github
  7. Now upload your static site in it and you can view your website through (username will be your github account username). Now lets connect with your domain though cloudflare
  8. Add a new file “CNAME” in your github repository. This file don’t have any extension and inside that file enter your domain name only.
  9. Now go to cloudflare and add this address under DNS from the top menubar
    • A record for @ pointing to
    • A record for @ pointing to
    • A record for @ pointing to
    • A record for @ pointing to
    • CNAME record for www pointing to your (the username should be replaced with your actual GitHub account username)
  10. Now you can access your github hosted site with your own domain.

Why Cloudflare ?

To host in github we can’t point directly to github IP through as only nameserver option is given so we have to use Cloudflare as mediator. It also provide free SSL so can use https instead of http. Normally in it takes 48 hrs to propagate DNS but with cloudflare you can switch at anytime.

Alternative Ways

  • Instead of you can use Freenom for 1 year free domain
  • You can also use other free webhosting for dynamic and static site like Awardspace, 000webhost (You just have to change name nameserver in Cloudflare and point towards their server). As this webhosting are providing free service so they don’t guarantee the website uptime and server are very slow and some of them even advertise. So I recommend you to use paid hosting for dynamic site.
  • For static hosting you can use Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket and for ease of use learn git, it will help to track and modify file from your repository.